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Our corporate governance guidelines help us to create long-term value not only for our shareholders, but also for all of our other stakeholders, including employees, customers, partners, suppliers and patients.

Centrient Code of Conduct

Centrient is a global pharmaceutical company with a clear mission to improve lives by being at the centre of sustainable and accessible healthcare. With this comes a responsibility to do the right thing.

Our Centrient Code of Conduct guides employees on how to apply the Centrient principles in line with our common values of Passion, Accountability, Collaboration, Innovation and Caring.

The Code sets out a clear standard of conduct. It gives an overview of laws, regulations and company policies and provides practical guidance.

The principles as outlined in the Code are:

  • We obey laws and regulations
  • We SpeakUp to stop or prevent misconduct
  • We put safety first
  • We are committed to protecting the environment
  • We conduct business in a fair, responsible and honest way
  • We keep accurate and complete records
  • We recognise people’s fundamental rights
  • We promote a diverse, inclusive and respectful workplace
  • We support the principles of continuous improvement
  • We safeguard Centrient’s assets and proprietary information

Centrient Business Partner Code of Conduct

At Centrient, we strive to maintain a sustainable and caring customer- and patient-focused business while putting our promise of Quality, Reliability, and Sustainability at the heart of everything we do. We are dedicated to manufacturing sustainable antibiotics and are committed to ethical and responsible business practices.

We conduct business with integrity and have a responsibility to do the right thing. That’s why we want to work with business partners whose ethical standards are equivalent to ours.

Centrient’s Business Partner Code of Conduct explains what we expect from our business partners concerning business ethics, business practices, human rights, safety, health and environment, and other topics related to sustainable and responsible business practices. Our business partners contribute to our success in social, ethical, and environmental performance.

Let’s all commit to doing the right thing!


We encourage our employees and other stakeholders to SpeakUp! to stop or prevent violations of the Code of Conduct.

If you believe misconduct is taking place or is about to take place, you should SpeakUp!

You can report your concerns anonymously if you wish to do so. The Centrient SpeakUp! hotline and the SpeakUp! website are hosted by a third party (Navex Global – EthicsPoint).

You can submit a report using one of the following channels:

Call the SpeakUp! hotline:

The Centrient SpeakUp hotline is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Operators are available to listen to your concerns in your local language, if needed. Please make use of the below toll-free country-specific telephone numbers lines:

China: 400 120 3522

India: 000 800 0502 073

Mexico: 800 099 0241

Netherlands: 0800 024 9783

Spain: 900 998 420

Use the SpeakUp! website:

If you wish to file an online report of misconduct relating to Centrient Pharmaceuticals, you can do so using the following link. Full instructions in several languages and FAQs are available on the website.

Submit a report by email or post

For SpeakUp! reports relating to Centrient Pharmaceuticals you can also send an email to or mail a letter to Centrient Pharmaceuticals, Global Risk and Compliance Director, Weena 798A, 3014 DA Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Regulatory Affairs

Our Regulatory Affairs team makes sure our products are approved for sale by the relevant regulatory authorities around the world and comply with the highest quality standards. Centrient Pharmaceuticals has been granted more than 500 marketing authorisations in multiple countries in Europe and beyond, based on Centrient's finished dosage form registration dossiers presented in the Common Technical Document (CTD) format. Moreover, we own more than 100 active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) dossiers for global registrations – for example, Drug Master Files (DMF) and Certificate of Suitability (CEP) dossiers – to enable our partners and customers to market the finished dosage forms we make and supply globally.

More widely, the team plays an important role in helping to maintain and improve the quality of medicines worldwide by donating reference standards for APIs and impurities to the world’s two leading pharmacopoeias, the European Pharmacopoeia and the United States Pharmacopeia, and being part of an expert group involved in formulating antibiotic monographs for the European Pharmacopoeia.

As a member of the European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC), we also provide our views regarding new and updated regulations and guidelines via the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Committee, a sector-wide group overseen by the Council.