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Our values are an integral part of life at Centrient Pharmaceuticals. They define what we believe and how we behave. They guide our daily decisions and actions. In short, our values underpin everything we say and do.


We achieve our goals by driving with purpose, by continuing to inspire others, and by thinking big.


We act responsibly by taking complete ownership of our actions and the results of our work. Our results-driven methods ensure we achieve our goals with an entrepreneurial mindset.


We trust and respect each other, continuously working together to achieve Centrient’s goals. By engaging with each other, we strive to create an inclusive organisation welcome to all.

"I am proud to be part of a pharmaceutical company that cares deeply about sustainability and doing good for people and planet."

Maria Duran, Head of I&TD Laboratories


We challenge the status quo by thinking outside the box and driving continuous improvement. We create new possibilities and find creative solutions to seize new opportunities and address challenges.


We consciously take actions to create a positive impact on people and planet. We create value for our employees, communities, customers, patients, and all other stakeholders. We are enthusiastic about sustainability and strive to create a safe and healthy environment for everyone.