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Day after day, we work hard and strive to make a positive impact on the environment.

When it comes to making and selling pharmaceuticals, environmental sustainability can no longer be viewed simply as an add-on to core business practices. At Centrient Pharmaceuticals, we believe safeguarding the environment is the only way forward for companies like ours.

Around the world, the increased scrutiny on our industry can be seen in new environmental standards and initiatives. Take China, whose 'blue-sky' action plan aims to increase the number of clean air days by minimising the impact of companies working in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

More widely, growing demand for environmental sustainability not only affects pharmaceutical companies themselves, but also their supply chains and procurement practices. A number of countries are introducing specific criteria into their tender processes with a view to raising supplier standards.

Our goal is not simply to meet the environmental demands of the different regions and jurisdictions where we operate. We aim to lead the way in environmental sustainability within the pharmaceutical supply chain by setting a strong example for our suppliers and partners. Because together we can make a real difference.

Sustainable procurement: assessment of our suppliers and manufacturing partners

As part of our responsible procurement approach, environmental performance and compliance are important criteria for the selection of our key raw material suppliers and Contract Manufacturing Organisations.

Suppliers are assessed by PSCI-approved audit firms and in-house assessments. The assessments are based on the PSCI Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ). It covers areas such as labour and human rights, ethics, health and safety, environment and management systems.

Our suppliers sign the Centrient Pharmaceuticals’ Business Code of Conduct, which includes requirements on environmental performance, human rights, ethics and other key topics.

In line with our efforts to produce antibiotics responsibly and securely, we assess our suppliers and other third parties we work with on waste discharge practices. Our in-house developed online AMR survey helps to increase transparency and identify areas for further improvement towards responsible antibiotics production with our suppliers.