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At Centrient Pharmaceuticals, reliability is more than just a word: it’s a promise to our customers.

Driven by 75 years of innovation experience in antibiotics, we are known worldwide as a well-established, trusted and long-term partner in our industry. A company committed to its highly focused portfolio and which invests in its business and its relationships.

Security of supply

Year after year, we build on this reputation by ensuring security of supply for our customers. Our backward-integrated operating model means we produce most of our key intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients in-house, giving us more control and transparency over our supply chain. We offer a global network of accredited manufacturing sites, so our customers can source many of our products from multiple locations to minimise their own supply chain risks. Because our solutions, like our enzymatic technology, are protected by patents, our customers always have the freedom they need to operate.

Innovation, reliability and freedom

At Centrient, reliability also means freedom and flexibility. Our solutions, like our enzymatic technology, are the result of innovation and protected by patents; we conduct appropriate due diligence to the extent possible to help our customers achieve the reasonable freedom they need to operate. We also agree to service levels, adapting these to individual requirements where possible, and work proactively with our customers to further improve our service performance. 

It means that, wherever you are, whatever your needs, you can rely on us to get the job done.