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Centrient is going through an exciting transformational journey, introducing new tools to support our relationship and take it to the next level of automation. We are strengthening our partners' code of conduct to reflect strongly our believes, compliance and commitment to a better society. Additionally, we are also increasingly focusing on sustainable procurement.

Centrient Pharmaceuticals sees its suppliers as an essential integrated part of its operations. We rely on strong relationships and want you, our suppliers, to share our same standards, principles and values. To make that happen, we created a supplier portal.

The supplier portal is intended to be the place to find all relevant information you need to become our supplier or to perform your daily business as our supplier (in a restricted area with login).

Working with Ariba network

Centrient is committed to optimize and digitize its purchasing process, by adopting state-of-the-art practices and technology. It is doing that through the introduction of the SAP Ariba supplier portal, where the interaction with suppliers is done in an integrated and transparent way.

What are the advantages to our suppliers?

  • Receive electronic purchase orders (PO)
  • Be invited for tenders and make offers there
  • Send e-invoices in a more automatic way, by for instance flipping a PO into an invoice
  • See where invoices are in the process and the status of the payment

As we strive to commit ourselves to improve, adopting SAP Ariba takes us to the higher level of efficiency we were wishing for in our Procurement function. Having a transparent system that eliminates back and forth conversations about paperwork, enables us to focus our communication with our suppliers on added value matters.