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Our focus on Quality underpins everything we do – from the products we supply to the services we provide, and from the technology we use to the professionals who work with us.

World-class differentiated APIs and FDFs

Our differentiated, purer active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) deliver value by unlocking key cost savings during formulation and by providing validated cost-efficient packaging and favourable, longer-term storage properties. We further support our customers by developing and supplying optimal finished dosage forms (FDFs) for better patient care and implementing all required regulatory and business processes for the introduction of new products.

A wide range of accreditations from health authorities around the world warrants our global presence. However, we go beyond essential manufacturing and logistics compliance by applying rigorous internal standards for quality and by swiftly addressing customer queries and complaints.

Our manufacturing sites have been approved by the main regulatory bodies:

Canada: HPB
Russia: MoH
India: CDSCO
China: NMPA
Japan: PMDA
South Korea: MFDS
Brazil: ANVISA

Excellence in our technology and processes

We lead the global market with our proprietary enzymatic technology. Our outstanding quality systems complement our manufacturing processes, supporting continual improvement and guaranteeing consistent product performance as per our customers’ expectations. Robust IT systems and tools drive the efficiency of our processes and help us uphold the highest levels of quality across our products and services.

Quality is part of our culture

We recruit and employ the very best professionals, and we prioritise their growth using a well-rounded package of training and development opportunities. We are proud to be represented by Centrient Pharmaceuticals employees in prominent industry platforms through which we proactively share our collective expertise for the benefit of our global customers and the industry at large.