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We are paving the way for sustainable antibiotics and are a leading advocate of clean production practices.

Centrient Pharmaceuticals is a global leader in sustainable antibiotics, as well as a leading advocate of clean production practices. Worldwide, only eight large R&D-based and generic pharmaceutical companies currently set limits on antibiotics in their water – and we are proud to be one of them.

As part of our Sustainable Antibiotics Programme, we promote the responsible manufacturing and use of antibiotics. We have dedicated wastewater treatment facilities in place across our global production sites as well as an antimicrobial activity (AMA) test.

But we still have a lot of work do: in particular, untreated wastewater, which allows residual antibiotics to enter into the water supply, is a growing problem. Antibiotics are now found in two-thirds of the world’s rivers, and experts predict drug concentrations in our waters to increase by 65% by 2050. We believe that, as an industry, we can turn the tide and put a healthy, positive future within reach.

That’s why we will never stop working to improve the sustainability of our production and waste management practices; we know that where we lead, others will follow.