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At Centrient Pharmaceuticals, our aim is always total transparency and integrity. With the help of our Centrient Alert whistleblower procedure, in place since 2013, our employees can report any potential concerns around misconduct in the strictest confidence.

'"Centrient Alert" is just one of the internal measures we've put in place to ensure strict compliance with all relevant laws and regulations, as well as with our own requirements and Code of Business Conduct', says Helene Millenaar, Risk and Compliance Director at Centrient Pharmaceuticals. 'We monitor compliance of this on a daily basis. Outside our company, the media, our business contacts and the investment world all contribute to this ongoing monitoring process.'

Within our company, compliance is continuously monitored through a combination of analysis, department meetings, consultative meetings, operational audits, complaint procedures and our ongoing appraisal systems. Yet despite stringent monitoring, unacceptable conduct can still occasionally occur. When it does, the first people to notice are often our employees.

“We ensure compliance with all relevant laws and regulations."

Helene Millenaar - Risk & Compliance Director

In accordance with our values, rule violations are generally discussed openly via the appropriate designated channels – initially, directly with those involved, and then if necessary, with the management of the unit in question. In certain circumstances, an individual may not feel comfortable with this route, preferring instead to report concerns to an independent company officer, or via the online incident reporting system on our intranet. This can be done through the Centrient Alert Programme.