Our mission is to improve lives by being at the centre of sustainable and accessible healthcare.

In 2019, we unveiled the Centrient Pharmaceuticals organisational mission, vision and values.



Message from our CEO

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75 years

of antibiotics production at industrial scale


Meeting PNEC targets for our largest portfolio range of semi-synthetic penicillin APIs, two years ahead of schedule

Received EcoVadis Gold sustainability rating - Among top 4% of companies in the “Manufacture of basic pharmaceutical products and pharmaceutical preparations” industry

Earth Day celebrated by 1,500 employees

First AMR supplier assessment survey done

(will be repeated in two years)

Multi-stakeholder engagement on responsible antibiotic manufacturing and supply chains


brand included in a customer’s product marketing campaign for the first time

Our sustainability strategy

As voiced by our brand promise of Quality, Reliability and Sustainability, we aim to improve the lives of patients today by providing access to high-quality products and services. Equally, we want  to safeguard the health of the planet and of future generations.

Our Sustainability Roadmap 2008-2020 has guided our efforts so far to improve our environmental impact, maintain a safe, healthy and responsible workplace and extend our support of surrounding communities. We are now developing the next stage of our Sustainability Strategy in response to a series of growing global health and environmental threats. We link our efforts to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with a focus on goals 3, 6, 12 and 13. 

Engaging with our stakeholders

At Centrient, we make a concerted effort to engage and collaborate with a diverse range of stakeholder groups. These dialogues help us to better understand the material issues that affect our different stakeholders and create value for more people.

Our stakeholders not only include our shareholders and investors, but also our customers, suppliers, employees and society at large. We also collaborate with a range of organisations that share our mission and values, and our commitment to creating innovative and sustainable solutions.