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In 2012, Centrient developed the PureActives® brand: a revolutionary enzymatic platform that replaces the traditional 13-step production process for our antibiotics and statins with more efficient, natural processes. Our new enzymatic process uses less energy and water and avoids the use of harmful solvents and other chemicals.

Recently, Centrient’s customers have been able to leverage the PureActives® sustainability value and brand to lower the environmental footprint of their final medicinal products. These are then marketed using the inherent sustainability benefits of our solution, as well as the PureActives® logo and storyline.

In 2019, the PureActives® brand was included in a customer’s product marketing campaign for the first time. The campaign was run in partnership with a Centrient customer and was aimed at doctors and prescribers of pharmaceutical products. It gave buyers and prescribers the choice of selecting a more sustainable alternative to their normal product. Following the success of the first campaign, we have extended the partnership to four leading pharmaceutical companies in key European markets.

Sustainability Report 2019

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