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2018 and 2019 saw the launch of the new Centrient Pharmaceuticals name and brand identity. As our workforce continued to grow worldwide, this helped to bring clarity to our strategic direction and to align our organisational structure and way of working. We now have a solid foundation for our ongoing drive to create a high-performing organisation.

The core focus of our people strategy in 2019 was to create value for our organisation. We worked on building an industry-leading employee experience. And we continued to develop our human capital by offering our employees a mixture of digital and classroom-based training opportunities. We also maintained high standards in terms of our people practices and for human rights.

Our progress


permanent employees at end-2019


trainings scheduled via ‘Training Connect’


employees pilot for our new digital social and collaborative learning platform

Creating our culture

In 2019, we unveiled the Centrient Pharmaceuticals organisational mission, vision and values. These were developed in house in consultation with stakeholders across our organisation. In phase 1 of the launch, we introduced our organisational values through a series of campaigns. The second phase, scheduled for 2020, will focus on integrating our values with our people processes and systems. In this way, we hope to make them an inseparable part of the Centrient way of working.

Human capital development

At end-2019, Centrient Pharmaceuticals employed 1,863 permanent employees. As our workforce grows, it is more important than ever that we invest in our people through personalised learning and development.  In 2019, we introduced differentiated development solutions for all functions, primarily via digital platforms. More than 1,000 trainings were scheduled during the year through our internal training tool, Training Connect.

Our employees also participated in classroom-based training programmes covering various aspects of capability-building, including SHEQ and behavioural skills. We also organised external training programmes in partnership with leading management schools such as the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad for Leadership.

Our people practices: Human and labour rights

As an EcoVadis Gold-rated organisation, Centrient commits to ensuring the highest standards of employee experience facilitated by best-in-class people processes. All our people policies are built on the framework of the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Initiatives (PSCI) labour principles. No incidents of human rights violation were reported by Centrient Pharmaceuticals in either 2018 or 2019.

Download our 2019 Sustainability Report to read more about our approach to human capital