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Rani Krisnamurthi, Product Marketing Manager at Centrient Pharmaceuticals in the Netherlands

'I'm passionate about the future of healthcare, so it’s important to me that people listen to what I have to say and that I have opportunities to make a positive difference through my work.

'At Centrient, I feel like my voice is being heard. Thanks to our Young Professionals Programme, younger employees like myself have a platform to channel their ideas and to share their views with senior staff, including the Executive Committee.

'I take an active role in the programme here in the Netherlands, which is helping young professionals like me to step up their game and play a central part in tackling key industry issues such as sustainability and AMR.

'Now, we are working closely with our younger colleagues in other regions – such as China and India – to help them find their voice and develop their own platforms. And we are also building strong connections with young professionals working in the wider pharmaceuticals and healthcare sectors worldwide.

'At this year’s One Young World event in London, I helped to run a workshop alongside a leading generic pharmaceuticals company to raise public awareness around AMR and responsible antibiotics usage. It was great to be able to make a real impact and to contribute to a more positive future for our industry!'


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