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Centrient Pharmaceuticals introduced a new Centrient Code of Conduct in 2020.

The new Code reflects our new organisational mission and will help us put our updated values into practice. It will be rolled out via e-learning and additional classroom trainings.

The current Code of Conduct (CoC) reflects our high ethical standards and lays out a clear set of principles and expectations for our employees and contractors to follow. With the endorsement of Centrient’s senior leadership, these principles help us shape a robust, company-wide philosophy to be responsible for people, planet and profit simultaneously. Key subjects overseen by the Code include trade control compliance, competition law compliance, anti-bribery and corruption (ABC), data privacy compliance, the Code of Conduct for Information Security and Centrient’s Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Policy.

Detailed guidance on specific principles in the CoC is provided in the form of corporate policies, requirements and directives. In addition, employees receive communication on specific principles in the CoC to give further guidance, if needed.

All Centrient employees are obliged to know and follow the principles of the CoC. They are regularly required to confirm they have read the Code and that they understand their resulting responsibilities. Centrient suppliers are required to conduct their business in accordance with the Supplier Code of Conduct, which defines how we choose to do business and how we interact with our business partners.

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