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As a market leader in life-saving antibiotics, Centrient Pharmaceuticals fosters a culture of transparency and professional ethics. We commit to being a reliable partner who conducts business according to high ethical standards. This requires us to evaluate, improve and expand our Ethics & Compliance and Human Rights programmes continuously.

Our White Paper describes our approach to Ethics & Compliance and Human Rights. It demonstrates to all our stakeholders – employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders and society at large - that we do our utmost best to be that reliable partner, now and in the future. It also gives a detailed insight into the recent initiatives we have taken to further strengthen the culture of integrity within our company.

Centrient Human Rights Position

At Centrient Pharmaceuticals, human rights are at the core of our purpose to improve lives by being at the centre of sustainable and accessible healthcare. In line with our common values - Passion, Accountability, Collaboration, Innovation and Caring – we uphold and support human rights in our sphere of influence. The Centrient Human Rights Position reflects Centrient’s full commitment to respect human rights