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With our innovative enzymatic platform, we've been changing the game for sustainable antibiotics and statins production, step by step.

When it comes to technological advancement, at Centrient Pharmaceuticals we are constantly moving forward. Through decades of pharmaceuticals innovation, we have made a significant contribution to our industry by continuously advancing safer and more sustainable manufacturing processes.

One such innovation is our proprietary PureActives® technology. First introduced in 2012, this revolutionary enzymatic platform replaces the traditional 13-step production process for our antibiotics with more efficient, natural processes. The result is a simplified process that requires less energy and water, and avoids the use of harmful solvents and other chemicals.

We collectively market the active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and finished dosage forms (FDFs) we manufacture using this green technology under the PureActives® name. As well as a step forward for health and the environment, our innovative portfolio delivers customers a number of product performance benefits: from higher purity and overall quality to a longer shelf life and reduced input costs.

So, whether it’s Quality, Reliability or Sustainability you are looking for, our PureActives® range meets your needs head on.