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The customer benefits

Alongside its proven health and sustainability benefits, our PureActives® range offers our customers multiple advantages – from increased yield and raw material efficiencies to superior stability during formulation.

The core benefits for our customers include:

  • higher yield due to superior purity
  • less overages required due to higher purity and an increased retest period
  • improved machine efficiency due to the better flowability 
  • larger batch sizes allowing a reduction in testing and administration by QC departments
  • reduced level of impurities relieving registration efforts
  • excellent stability guaranteeing activity of active substance over shelf life
  • outstanding stability offering an excellent starting point for FDF formulation
  • greenhouse gas emissions reduced by up to 65%
  • reduced emissions of residual solvents to air
  • reduced toxicity of antibiotic ingredient, owing to absence of almost all chemicals and solvents
  • better taste due to the absence of residual solvents