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One of the keys to the success of our PureActives® is the unique performance in finished dosage formulations.

Higher yields, more exact and efficient dosing, and reducing costs for testing and administration

The high purity of PureActives® allows customers to increase yield per kilogram and increase machine output.

Thanks to the high stability of PureActives® the assay of the ingredient stays within pharmacopoeia limits for a longer period of time. This means that the amount of ingredient that is needed at the moment of formulation is much closer to the amount that is guaranteed at the end of shelf life. Formulators can materialise this advantage by reducing the amount of excess material that is dosed into the dosage form to guarantee the end of shelf life activity.

Our batch sizes are up to ten times bigger than those of our competitors. Consequently, tests performed on incoming batches can be reduced by a similar factor. In addition, the limited number of impurities reduces the number of tests that need to be performed per batch.

Simplify your registration process and reduce your registration costs

A typical characteristic of all PureActives® products is the greatly reduced number of impurities. During the registration process, formulators are frequently asked for additional information about impurities found in the active ingredient. As the number of impurities in PureActives® is less than in chemically produced alternatives, the efforts and costs needed for the new registration and maintenance of existing dossiers can be reduced.

Longer shelf life reduces your supply chain costs

The most important aspect is the long shelf life whereby obsoletes can be reduced. Large batch sizes also reduce the amount of administrative work and use of IT resources. If a formulator is able to translate the longer shelf life of the API into longer shelf life for his formulated product, this will result in reduced obsoletes in the downstream value chain (distribution and pharmacies).

Increase comfort for operators

Operators in the formulation industry are in daily contact with the active pharmaceutical ingredient. Companies take thorough safety and health precautions to minimise this contact. Using PureActives® can further optimise the comfort in use for operators. The absence of nearly all residual solvents means the product is odourless. Thanks to the physical properties of some of the PureActives® grades, the product generates less dust during handling.