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Working with our local partners in China, we are tackling antimicrobial resistance from the ground up – by promoting the appropriate use of the right antibiotics.

As the world’s second-largest antibiotics consumer, China is ground zero in the global battle against antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Here, misuse of antibiotics is a key driver of this growing health problem, with doctors sometimes directly prescribing newer-generation antibiotics to patients outside of the recommended national guidelines.

At Centrient Pharmaceuticals, we are addressing this important issue head-on. A key weapon in our fight against AMR is education: by teaching doctors and patients about the importance of appropriate antibiotics use, we are helping to drive behavioural change throughout China’s healthcare system. In particular, the programme seeks to reduce the unnecessary use of higher-generation antibiotics when first-generation antibiotics are the recommended treatment. 

Thanks to our partners, the China Association of Health Promotion and Education, this extensive nationwide campaign is making a positive impact in 70 hospitals throughout 15 provinces and cities across the country, addressing one of the root causes of antibiotics misuse and AMR one patient at a time.

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