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The Omicron strain of COVID-19 has taken hold in multiple cities across China, seriously impacting the Jilin province, where one of Centrient's manufacturing plants is located. 

With this biggest outbreak of COVID-19 in China in the last two years, access to medical protective equipment on time became a real challenge. 

In line with Centrient's Caring and Collaboration values, and recognising the local government's needs, Centrient Yushu donated nearly 400,000 RMB worth of protective suits, N95 & medical isolation masks and PVC gloves to the Wukeshu Economic Development Zone. All the medical protective equipment will significantly help epidemic prevention and control measures in the region. 

"With this donation Centrient China shows our corporate responsibility to support the local community and economy."

Fangbin Lu, Global VP and China President & Commercial Head Asia

The government expressed their gratitude to Centrient Yushu for the donation and readiness to step up in times of difficulty. It wasn't the first donation organised by Centrient. In March 2020, Centrient China donated 28,500 protective masks to local health authorities in Yushu.