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At our Toansa site in India, we replaced our traditional multi-eff ect evaporator (MEE) technology with advanced mechanical vapour recompressor (MVR) technology for treatment of our wastewater streams. The previous MEE unit used large volumes of steam for heating. However, because the condensate it generated contained high levels of pollutants, it was not suitable for recycling for use in steam boilers. This meant fresh water and fossil fuels were consumed to generate steam for each use of the technology.

In contrast, MVR technology uses electricity for the recompression of vapours generated from effl uents. The condensate generated from the steam is recycled back to boilers, allowing 30,000m3 of water to be recycled at Toansa each year. Furthermore, minimisation of the site’s consumption of fossil fuels for steam generation reduced its CO2 emissions by 4,000 metric tons and its SO2 emissions by 40 metric tons per annum, while also ensuring a cleaner environment and better air quality around the site.

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