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At Centrient Pharmaceuticals, Quality, Reliability, and Sustainability are at the heart of everything we do. It shapes how we do things, from manufacturing and distribution to our partnerships and community engagement.

Reliability and sustainability are rightfully seen as critical in our value chain, emphasized by events like COVID-19 and the focus on our industry’s role in minimizing the impact on the environment.

As we are firmly committed to staying at the forefront of Quality, Reliability, and Sustainability, we will gradually adapt our terms and conditions to be more in line with our company’s vision and values.

In the first step of our update, we will focus on sustainable shipping and reliable supply:

  • We will favour sustainable shipping by optimizing order size and modality to limit environmentally costly practices and optimize our supply’s carbon footprint
  • Working together with our customers in the market, and in an effort to sustain a healthy diversified supply chain, it is the preference of Centrient to invoice all material manufactured in Europe in Euro currency where applicable.  As we are committed to reducing the risk of supply chain interruptions, Centrient continues to have a significant proportion of our API production in Europe. Mitigating the impact of exchange rates will allow us to continue the high level of service and supply, that the market demands.     

These revised terms and conditions will be effective from July 1st, 2021.

By working with a purpose-oriented mindset, we are confident that together we will progress towards a most sustainable and robust supply chain for now and future generations.