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In the week of April 22nd, 2022, Centrient globally celebrated Earth Day through exciting, environmentally-focused activities at our sites and offices worldwide.

We came together on the topic of “biodiversity” - maintaining healthy and diverse ecosystems that can sustain human life. Along with global communications surrounding this topic, each region coordinated in-person, locally-tailored activities for our employees to support the local environment and community. Some of these community-focused activities included reforestation at a local kindergarten in Mexico, river restoration and exploration in Spain, community-based gardening in the Netherlands, and tree planting on our sites in India.

Additionally, we had on-site and virtual events for colleagues who could not attend the in-person activities, such as educational webinars with guest speakers, drawing competitions with our families, sustainable gifts, and much more! In total, we had over 900 employees and family members engaged in our various Earth Day actions and contributing to positive, sustainable action all around the world - it was indeed a proud moment of resonating Purpose within the organization.

The Netherlands