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Every April 22nd, stakeholders unite to advance sustainability and climate action to commemorate Earth Day. This year, Earth Day was celebrated under the “Invest In Our Planet” theme, highlighting the importance of solving climate change and other environmental issues. In Centrient, we continued our tree-planting tradition, collecting plastic and other litter and raising awareness about environmental issues in our partner schools and communities.

What are we doing at Centrient to advance environmental sustainability?

ESG Goals

Our ESG Ambition 2021–2030 strengthens our focus on the topics we view as most critical to Centrient’s business and stakeholders in areas where we can make the greatest impact. Clear goals and concrete targets along environmental, social and governance dimensions drive our strategy to achieve a highly sustainable business in the long term.

Energy and emissions reductions

Energy and emission reductions remain a key focus as we work towards our vision and continue our commitment to addressing climate change as a sustainable manufacturer. By becoming energy- and carbon-efficient through continuous innovation and improvement, we are steadily minimising the impact we have on our immediate surroundings and the wider environment.

Water management and AMR

Clean water and sanitation are crucial to our sustainable manufacturing approach, as evidenced by Centrient's site-based wastewater treatment plants, water recycling programmes, and projects supporting local communities with clean water. In addition, as a founding member of the AMR Industry Alliance, we are working with partners and suppliers across the value chain, helping decision-makers in industry and government to improve AMR standards and policies, and developing awareness and best practices in the regions where it’s needed most.

Single-use plastics elimination

At Centrient, we have pledged to eliminate single-use plastics from our offices and canteens worldwide by 2023, and we are proud to share that the project is now complete.


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