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Centrient has been working closely with the other AMR Industry Alliance members to create the first common framework for responsible antibiotic manufacturing.

With a focus on effective waste management and control, the framework is designed to prevent conditions potentially leading to the development and spread of resistant bacteria. It sets out basic operating standards for the Alliance members – including the business policies, practices and behaviours required to minimise the release of antibiotics from drug production and formulation into the environment.

Together, the Alliance members have also developed a set of science-driven, risk-based targets known as Predicted No-Effect Concentration (PNEC) targets. PNEC refers to the concentration of an antibiotic in water at which there is unlikely to be any adverse environmental effect or risk of antimicrobial resistance developing.

Like the other Alliance member companies, at Centrient Pharmaceuticals, we are committed to implementing the framework and PNEC targets across our manufacturing facilities worldwide as well as our suppliers' facilities. With a clear framework for industry-wide collaboration, a pathway to an AMR-free future is in sight!