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In December 2019, Centrient’s Chief Quality & Technical Operations Officer began a company-wide drive to make Centrient a safer place to work. The 48-hour Red Tag event asked Centrient employees to undertake specific safety-focused tasks and behaviours: Be accountable; Be a hazard spotter; Stop, think and be safe; and Talk about Safety.

On day one of the event, employees and contractors were asked to go on a ‘walkabout’ around their work areas to ‘Red Tag’ potential hazards and identify situations requiring improvement with regard to safety, health and the environment (SHE). Day two saw Centrient’s management team accompany employees around the factory floor to review and evaluate the identified situations and discuss ideas to improve safety.

Directly after the event, SHE teams, along with line managers, began evaluating the listed items. From here, the teams we able to draw up improvement plans and make key modifications during the first quarter of 2020. The Red Tag event was a clear success and achieved excellent engagement from employees across our organisation. So much so, that several of our production sites plan to repeat the event over the coming year.

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