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QC Supervisor 化验室主管

Location: Yu-shu city, Jilin Sheng, China - Category: Quality质量部

1、Responsible for KPI management and internal information communication in quality control laboratory. 负责质量控制实验室KPI的管理以及部门内部信息沟通。 2、Organize, implement and audit the performance evaluation and...

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污水处理主管Waste Water Treatment Supervisor

Location: Changchun, Jilin Sheng, China - Category: 污水处理车间Waste Water Treatment Plant

1、遵守并执行公司的SHE制度、安保制度及环境管理体系要求。 Comply with and implement the company's SHE policy, security policy and environmental management system. 2、全面负责污水处理日常事务管理工作,对出水水质与运行过程控制进行分析,提出工艺运行调整方案或整改方案...

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WWTP Engineer

Location: Zibo, Shandong, China - Category: Produccion

1:职位目的 purpose of the job负责公司污水站和污水预处理系统的技术指导及工艺管理,确保系统运行正常,确保无环境、安全事故,符合公司和法规的要求。responsible for the technical guidance and process management of waste water system and making sure the normal...

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Shift Supervisor倒班主管

Location: Changchun, Jilin, China - Category: Produccion

1.Main responsibilities主要工作职责1.Realize production budget and plan, include 实现生产预算和生产计划,包括:1.1.Inform the budget and plan to shift staff and report the production status regularly...

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Marketing Manager China

Location: Beijing, Beijing, China - Category: Marketing and Sales

a) Key areas of accountability/responsibility The China marketing and franchise manager is responsible for preparation and execution of a wide range of marketing activities in the following key-area’s...

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Technical Sales Support Manager

Location: Beijing, Beijing, China - Category: Sales

To provide technical support services to Centrient customers in the grand China market and exports; to develop product application and define new product selling concepts based on customer/FDF...

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PTP Officer

Location: Zibo, Shandong, China - Category: Demand Supply Chain Management

1) Purchase order Handling 采购订单的处理•Covert PR to PO/ Create PO 将PR转为PO,创建PO•Follow up material/goods delivery物料/货物交付•Monitor PO status on a regular basis and report all irregularities to the Purchasing...

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Equipment & Instrument Supervisor

Location: Zibo, Shandong, China - Category: Operations

1. 电气、自控、仪表及动力设备管理 Management of electrical, automatic control, instrument and power equipment 编制和修订电气、自控、仪表及动力设备维修、操作SOP并进行培训和推行 Prepare and revise SOP for maintenance and operation of electrical...

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Ferm Process Engineer发酵工艺工程师

Location: Changchun, Jilin, China - Category: Operations

1. Daily fermentation process management 日常发酵工艺管理2. Investigating and troubleshooting plant/process problems. 调查并解决工艺问题3. Monthly Performance analysis report 完成月度工艺评估报告4. Coordinate with external...

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Officer - Quality Control

Location: Rupnagar, Punjab, India - Category: Quality

Position Description :Position ensures that the products provided to the market are tested as per customer specifications and in compliance with applicable pharmacopoeias as well cGMP/GLP/ICH/USFDA...

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