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Please introduce yourself and your role at Centrient Pharmaceuticals.

My name is Eloisa Becerra. I am an Organic Chemistry, Biotechnology, Food Science Technology, and Enzyme Specialist. Initially, I got a contract in Centrient Americas for three months in R&D - which quickly, led me on a 15-year journey of learning and development, which I am still on today. I have worked in many different production areas; as a Production Supervisor, Process Safety Engineer, and then Production Manager. In my daily work, I manage the production of Amoxicillin by enzymatic conversion, with a focus on continuous improvement of our production systems. I ensure that the production of this antibiotic, which is sold in Mexico and South America, is in full compliance with quality and safety guidelines. 

My job fulfills my passion for continuous learning, and I am so grateful to work somewhere that allows me to challenge myself and grow. Outside of work, my hobbies are meditation and playing the piano, which I also enjoy teaching to my son.

What do you like about working with Centrient Pharmaceuticals?

I love this company because it is my second home. I appreciate that at Centrient, the sky is the limit. The leadership culture, attitude of resilience, progressive vision, and the search for innovation all create a motivational atmosphere that is so beneficial for my teams and me. Just knowing that each gram of medicines we produce helps saving a life, makes me feel proud of my company.

What does it mean for you to be a leader and what is one lesson you have learned in your career?

To be a good leader, you must have responsibility, knowledge, vision, and focus on the results. Strong leaders also must have good emotional intelligence to understand and support their team. An attitude of humility shows the wisdom in a leader, as they recognize how success is dependent on their team’s work and not just their own. These are the best lessons that I have learned during my career.

What advice do you have for women aspiring for leadership positions?

When you start your leadership journey, lose the fear of making mistakes. From mistakes come new learning opportunities. Find yourself a mentor who will guide you through these lessons and help you grow in your career - admitting that you need help is not a weakness. By focusing on cultivating your strengths, you can build a solid career that allows you to share your knowledge and work with a team that supports your development even further. Once you’ve achieved your aspirations, share your experience as a leader onwards. With the right words, we can inspire the new generation of women leaders.

Eloisa Becerra - Production Manager