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Centrient’s employee engagement programmes touch on multiple issues, ranging from employee health and well-being to addressing wider challenges such as the environment, inclusion and diversity, and social deprivation.

Many programmes focus on our local communities, and during 2020–2021, Centrient employees around the world found ways to donate clothing and other much-needed resources to those in need. These included our ‘Dress for Success’ and ‘Todos Abrigados’ clothing drives in the Netherlands and Mexico, respectively. Meanwhile, Centrient colleagues in Mexico also donated toys to children in low-income families and contributed their used dining furniture to local community centres.

Turning their attention to wider social issues, in 2021 colleagues Mexico and the Netherlands took part in our ‘Less car, more bike’ carbon reduction programme. Meanwhile, around the world, Centrient employees took time out to celebrate international events such as Women’s Day and Children’s Day.

Increasingly, employee health is also top of mind across our global locations. In India, Centrient organised a company doctor to perform health check-ups on employees, while in Mexico, we arranged free medical tests for employees as part of our prostate and breast cancer awareness programmes.

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