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We at Centrient Pharmaceuticals are passionate about building an open and inclusive culture that inspires confidence and transparency at all levels of our organisation. To promote this culture, our executive committee members have been running monthly meetings called “breakfast sessions”, where employees are encouraged to join in an open dialogue with our organisation’s top management.

"It’s a super initiative, is very useful for us to meet people like him to learn about global processes, personal tips to keep improving ourselves, to have a growth mindset & to meet who is taking decisions on the company".

What began as ‘breakfast sessions’ in our MLA and EMENA regions, evolved to locally branded initiatives such as “tea time’ for our Chinese colleagues and “tête-à-tête” in India. These sessions are open to all employees of the company, regardless of function or employment level. During these sessions, employees are free to discuss any topic, from business questions to personal advice.

"It was extraordinary. During my 10 years of experience in other industries, we never had this opportunity with a session like this. This activity really makes you feel part of the company. Priceless. Thank you for organizing".

In line with our company’s values of caring, collaboration, and accountability, these sessions are designed to inspire employees to have their voices heard and to speak directly with the decision-makers of the company.