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We recognise effort and reward excellence. We appreciate what our colleagues do for us, and our people trust us to repay their commitment the right way. We are transparent about pay. We compensate our employees based on the value they bring and for meeting our high standards. Our rewards philosophy goes beyond basic compensation. Whether you are a fresh graduate or a veteran, a new parent or an old one – we listen to your needs and offer flexibility and support wherever possible.

Key facts:

We offer competitive salaries, which are internally equitable and tied to performance. We base our compensation decisions on reliable data and are transparent with our staff about how their compensation is determined.

  • We have a modern and robust performance management approach, designed to promote meritocracy.
  • We reward great work through performance-based bonuses, award programmes and promotions,  as well as larger responsibilities with more complex challenges.
  • We aspire to offer best-in-class, personalised benefits package. From providing kindergarten support to young parents in Zibo, China, to providing scholarships to our employees’ children in India, our unique benefits programme is tailored to our different locations.
  • Other benefits include paid holidays, medical insurance support, retirement support, and options for  flexible and remote working. We aim to help our people pursue their professional goals while meeting their personal and family needs.

“I like the way employees are recognised for their work – it’s highly motivating.”

Gazal Modi, Assistant Manager Indirect Tax, APAC