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We help grow the roots of healthcare around the world. Working at Centrient is an opportunity to connect with something bigger. It is more than just a job – you will help improve the lives of millions and make a global impact. Ours is a mission that matters!

Key facts:

  • At Centrient, we are passionate about our mission to improve lives by being at the centre of sustainable and accessible healthcare.
  • Our people have been industry game-changers:
    • We were one of the world’s first companies to produce life-saving antibiotics on an industrial scale in the 1940s.
    • We made the world’s first enzymatically produced amoxicillin and statin atorvastatin.
    • Today, we are the global business-to-business leader in sustainable, enzymatic antibiotics, next-generation statins and anti-fungals.
  • With accredited manufacturing sites and sales offices around the world and a reliable global distribution network, our medicines are produced at large scale to treat millions of people.

We are in the profession of saving lives, and I do it daily at Centrient.

Manoj-M Kumar, Head Technical Sales, APAC