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If, like us, you are passionate about sustainable healthcare, then we invite you to join us in our mission. You will be joining an ambitious, dynamic, growth-oriented organisation that offers excellent career opportunities and room to grow.

“工作环境令人难以置信。这是高成就者工作的好地方!” "The work environment is incredibly stimulating. This is a great place for high-achievers to work!"

Rohan Dheman –高级法律顾问 Rohan Dheman – Senior Legal Counsel

一起成长 Growing, together



We can only achieve our objectives and our promise to society if we are supported by a high-performance workforce. There is simply no other way. The responsibility for professional growth works both ways: we expect our people to take the lead in developing their skills and capabilities; however, it’s up to us to put the right foundations in place. And it’s up to us to help shape our employees’ careers and create an environment that enables peak performance.


Day by day, we work hard to foster a continuous learning culture and an intellectually stimulating work environment with clear pathways for growth and development – through job rotations, training activities, cross-functional exposure and international assignments. And we give people space to innovate, to think for themselves and to explore new solutions to complex challenges.

全球团队 A global team



To join Centrient is to become part of a vibrant global network of high-performing professionals. A truly internationalised work culture spanning five continents and multiple locations. Centrient employees come from all over the world, but one objective unites us: working together to improve human health.