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我们尊重“整个您” We respect the ‘whole you’


在Centrient Pharmaceuticals,我们希望所有员工在家里和工作中都健康快乐,并充实自己的生活。因此,我们努力为所有地区的所有人创造健康的工作与生活平衡。这就是为什么我们根据人们的个人需求提供灵活的工作时间,远程工作选择,带薪休假以及其他形式的支持的原因。

At Centrient Pharmaceuticals, we want all our employees to be healthy and happy, and to make the most of their lives – both at home and at work. That’s why we strive to create a healthy work-life balance for all our people in all our locations. And that’s why we offer flexible working times, remote working options, paid leave and other forms of support depending on people’s individual needs.

包容的环境 An inclusive environment




At Centrient, we celebrate diversity in all its many forms. Across our international operations, we work hard to ensure a welcoming, inclusive environment for all our staff. An environment where all employees feel at ease and have the freedom to be their true selves. An environment where everyone brings out the best in one another.  

We believe in full and equal representation for all, and that everyone has the ability to make a difference and positively impact our organisation’s growth story. Because of this, here at Centrient, each individual counts. Each voice is heard. And each person is given the support they need to thrive. 

“四处走动,您会看到人们真诚地倾听并互相尊重。” "Walking around, you see that people genuinely listen to and respect each other."

杨兴勇-财务经理 Xing Yong Yang – Finance Manager