The company is founded as the “Nederlandsche Gist- en Spiritusfabriek” (NG&SF).


NG&SF is the first Dutch company to found a works council and employee magazine.


NG&SF builds the Agnetapark, the first workers’ housing in the Netherlands, which today is a national heritage site.


Production of Penicillin G starts; initially under the code name BACINOL >> read more.

Chemical-based SSPs and SSCs soon follow.


Under the name “Gist Brocades”, the company rises to become the world’s No. 1 Penicillin G producer.


Construction of newly developed dedicated anaerobic digestion waste water treatment facilities starts at the Delft site.


Global production and sales network achieved through acquisitions and joint ventures, starting in India, China and then Mexico.


In a joint venture, DSM and Gist Brocades develop the first industrial-scale enzymatic process for beta-lactam antibiotics manufacturing. Commercial production of cefalexin, marketed as "Purilex®", a semi- synthetic cephalosporin, starts.


DSM acquires Gist Brocades. The newly formed leader in beta-lactam antibiotics is called DSM Anti-Infectives (DAI).


The first enzymatically produced amoxicllin called "Purimox®" is commercially introduced to the world. It is the first member of the PureActives® family of Sustainable Antibiotic APIs.

2005 - 2011

Global roll-out of the enzymatic technology for beta-lactam APIs to all sites and worldwide introduction of the PureActives® family of antibiotics.


In a joint venture, Sinochem of China acquires 50% of DAI from DSM to form DSM Sinochem Pharmaceuticals (DSP).


We introduce our first Drug Product (Finished Dosage Formulation), made exclusively using own high-quality enzymatic PureActives® API.


We introduce the first enzymatically produced statin "Atorvastatin from DSP" to the world, further leveraging our enzymatic expertise.


We open a world-class statins plant in Toansa, India. Production of statins starts in the second half of 2014, using our proprietary enzymatic biotechnology route and second generation bio-fuels.


The Sustainable Antibiotics program is launched to address the threat of Antibiotic Resistance and to ensure we do everything we can to guarantee the sustainable, reliable and clean production of our high-quality products.


We offer a comprehensive portfolio of AmoxiClav, statin and anti-fungal Drug Products (Finished Dosage Formulation), made exclusively using our own high-quality enzymatic PureActives® API.


With the sale of our company to Bain Capital, we transformed from DSM Sinochem Pharmaceuticals to Centrient Pharmaceuticals.

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