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1:职位目的 purpose of the job

负责公司污水站和污水预处理系统的技术指导及工艺管理,确保系统运行正常,确保无环境、安全事故,符合公司和法规的要求。responsible for the technical guidance and process management of waste water system and making sure the normal operation of WWT system. Making sure no environmental, safety accident and fully meet the requirements of company and related laws.

2:关键负责任务 Key responsible tasks

业务目标 business target

  • 污水处理排放符合公司和法规要求 WWT discharge meet the requirements of company and related laws
  • 污水处理成本控制,成本预算指标 controlled within budget
  • 符合性(SHE,GMP等)的持续提高和改进 compliance improve (SHE, GMP etc)
  • 污水处理工艺、生产技术改进及疑难问题的解决 improvement of WWT process and production technics and successfully handle difficult problems

污水处理技术管理 technical management of WWTP

  • 污水处理技术类SOP的起草、修订及培训 WWTP SOP:draft, revise and training
  • 污水处理记录的起草、修订 WWTP records : draft and revise
  • 污水处理工艺技术类生产指令的编制 made up the production order relating to WWTP
  • 污水处理过程中异常情况的处理,跟踪及预警方案的提出。the treatment, tracking of abnormal situation and put forward the pretreatment cases.
  • 偏差调查,制定合理的纠正措施和预防措施。deviation investigation; make up right CAPA measures
  • 定期现场巡回检查,及时解决污水处理生产中的工艺技术问题 site check regularly; successfully handle technical problems
  • 负责污水处理变更相关流程的工作 WWTP related MOC management
  • 负责污水处理验证相关流程的工作 WWTP related deviation management

污水处理生产管理 production management of WWTP

  • 根据车间生产计划与安排,制定污水处理工作计划 make WWTP work plan according to production plan
  • 检查生产过程中物料使用、状态标识、工艺纪律以及人员操作及行为,异常情况记录,汇报/处理 Check the use of materials, status identification, process discipline, operation and behavior of personnel in the production process; record\ report and handle abnormal conditions,
  • 根据车间生产会上反映的当天/班出现的异常情况,跟踪处理过程和结果 Follow up the handling process and results according to the abnormal conditions of the day / shift reflected in the workshop production meeting

统计/分析/报表 Statistics / analysis / Report

  • 准备和整理污水处理车间技术文件,统计/分析技术和质量指标,组织实施日常技术分析 Prepare and sort out technical documents of WWT workshop; counting and analyzing technical and quality indicators; organize the implementation of daily technical analysis
  • 汇总污水处理车间月度报表 Summarize the monthly report of sewage treatment workshop
  • 汇总污水处理车间周度报表Summarize weekly report of sewage treatment workshop
  • 编制污水处理车间月度技术报告(运行绩效、偏差、变更等)Prepare monthly technical report of sewage treatment workshop (operation performance, deviation, change, etc.)
  • 汇总工艺方面日常考核 Summarize daily assessment of process

改进循环 improvement cycle

  • 作为技术专家参与改进工厂相关工作 take part in plant improvement work as technical expert

其他 others

  • 根据工艺及符合性需求,制定人员培训计划。make training plan according to process and compliance requirements
  • 协助其他部门的工作(与生产部相关的)cooperate with other department ( production related)
  • 符合性改进计划的按时完成 finish compliance related improvement plan
  • 作为技术专家参与工艺安全生命周期(PSLC)相关工作 take part in PSLC work as technical expert


  1. 应具备的知识和教育水平 knowledge and education level
  • 环境工程或相关专业大学本科以上毕业 environmental or related major, university or above education
  • 一定的英语读写和口头交流能力 English writing, reading and communication ability
  • 一定的办公软件使用能力 office ability
  • 环保相关法律法规知识 environmental protection laws and knowledge

2. 应具备的经验 experiences

一年以上污水处理运行经验 at least 1 year experience on WWTP


五险一金 Insurance and house funding

周末双休 working time: Monday to Friday

补充医疗保险 additional medical insurance

定期体检 regularly physical check

免费班车 shift bus for free

带薪年休 annual paid vocation


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