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Comply with and implement the company's SHE policy, security policy and environmental management system.

Take full charge of the daily management of WWTP, analyzed the effluent quality and operation process control, and proposed the adjustment plan or rectification plan for process operation to ensure the stable operation of sewage treatment process and ensure the discharge to the standard.


Able to formulate relevant emergency plans and properly deal with the abnormal situations in the operation process, and master the emergency response measures.

4、关注并有效控制各运行参数在合理范围内,出现异常情况时,能够采取积极应对措施,严格遏制异常事故恶化趋势,并做好事故现场指挥、汇报工作 。

Pay attention to and effectively control the operation parameters within a reasonable range. When abnormal conditions occur, take positive measures to strictly curb the trend of abnormal accident deterioration, and do a good job in on-site command and reporting.


Responsible for organizing workshop team meeting, supervise and check subordinates' operation according to SOP. Take measures to ensure production records and reports are timely, true and complete.


Determine the content and frequency of laboratory analysis items, follow up the laboratory data, analyze and deal with anomalies in a timely manner.
Responsible for the operation of sewage treatment equipment, timely communicate with the maintenance department, do a good job in the operation plan due to equipment maintenance and other situations, and assist the maintenance department to do a good job in preventive maintenance. Ensure the stable operation of the equipment.

Responsible for staff skills improvement and team building. Formulating and implementing staff training plan; Establish performance assessment standard of the staffs.

Keep good collaborate with other departments; work with other department to complete the production task.



Over 5 years experience in WWTP, familiar with aerobic process and Fenton process. Experience in operation of centrifuge decanter and pressure filter.


Bachelor degree or above, major in environmental engineering, water supply and drainage treatment, chemical technology, etc.


CET4 or above.


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