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1) Purchase order Handling 采购订单的处理

•Covert PR to PO/ Create PO 将PR转为PO,创建PO

•Follow up material/goods delivery物料/货物交付

•Monitor PO status on a regular basis and report all irregularities to the Purchasing Requisitioner or Buyer. Coordinate with buyer for resolution of the irregularities.定期监控采购订单状态,并向采购申请者或采购员报告所有异常情况。与买方协调解决异常问题。

•Coordinate with buyer to follow PO/Contract approval process.协调买方遵循采购订单/合同审批流程。

•Maintain PO/Contract documentation.维护采购订单/合同文件

2)Complaint Handling投诉处理

•Process/register all supplier complaints accurately, completely and timely in the system.在系统中准确、完整、及时地处理/登记所有供应商投诉

•Coordinate with buyer to take appropriate actions to settle and close complaint.协调买方采取适当措施解决和结束投诉。

3)Payment Handling付款处理

•Apply for payment plan and monitor payment status to ensure on time payment match with each supplier without impacting supply and future commercial activities.申请付款计划,监控付款情况,确保各供应商按时付款,不影响供应和未来的商业活动。

4)Drug-prone management易制毒管理

•Execute Online declaration and Incoming and outgoing registration执行网上申报和进出口登记

•Process purchase certification过程采购认证

•Reconcile accounting book 核对会计帐簿

•Maintain all other related documentations 管理所有相关的文件

5)Vendor master data handling供应商主数据管理

•Collect all related documents for new vendor setup/update in system according to MDM procedure.根据MDM程序,收集系统需要的新增供应商/更新供应商所需的相关文件

•Regularly monitor inactive vendors and consult buyer to decide on actions.定期监控不活跃的供应商,并且咨询采购员的建议采取进一步行动


1:English, fluent 熟练的英语沟通

2:sophisticated in office, esp. Excel 熟练的掌握各种办公软件

3:high integrity, logical thinking, open mind, good people interactions/communications 高度诚信、逻辑思维、开放的心态、良好的人际互动/沟通


五险一金 Insurance and house funding

周末双休 working time: Monday to Friday

补充医疗保险 additional medical insurance

定期体检 regularly physical check

免费班车 shift bus for free

带薪年休 annual paid vocation


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