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Purpose of the Role 工作角色设定目的:

Make reasonable preventive maintenance plan and spare parts requirement plan, provide technical support to maintenance technician to ensure reliable operation of equipment. Propose reasonable technical modification plan for mechanical equipment to maintain and improve the operation function of the equipment


Key Individual Accountabilities关键的个人职责

1.Make a reasonable preventive maintenance plan 制定合理的预防性保养计划

2. Make and follow up spare parts requirement plan 备件需求计划的制定及跟踪

3.Make mechanical maintenance plan and technical plan for production equipment 制定生产设备的机械检修计划及技术方案

4.Break down and arrange maintenance work according to SAP process 按照SAP流程分解及安排维修工作

5.Fault diagnosis and technical support during maintenance 维修过程故障诊断及技术支持

6.Safety supervision of maintenance process 维修过程的安全监督

7.Develop standard maintenance procedures for critical equipment 制定关键设备的标准检修规程

8.Complete all maintenance records related to the position and set up maintenance files 完成岗位相关的各项维修记录,建立维修档案


1.Bachelor or above education background 本科及以上学历;

2. More than 3 years' mechanical realted working experience 3年以上机械相关的工作经验

3. Excellent fault judgement skills 极好的故障判断能力

4. Good communication and coordination capability 较强的沟通协调能力

5. Good execution skills较好的执行力

6. Basic English reading and writing skills 英语的读写能力


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