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The purpose of the role岗位设立目的

Work closely with people managers and all employees to drive the HR agenda - to closely support the overall objectives of the organization, acting as a proactive communicator and change agent, someone who can successfully balance employee needs with business objectives to create integrated solutions. 与人员管理者和所有员工一起,紧密合作,推动人力资源规划,密切支持组织目标,以主动沟通者和改变代言人的角色,成功地平衡组织需要与业务目标,形成可以互相兼顾的解决方案。

Key Individual Accountabilities关键的个人职责

•Drive the delivery of the business’ HR plans 推动人力资源规划的输出。

•Provides day-to-day guidance to people managers and all employees on a variety of actions, such as employee relations issues, policy interpretation and application; employee engagement and people management 在各种行动上向人员管理者和员工提供指导,例如员工关系,政策的解释及应用,员工向心力和人员管理。

•Conducts ongoing supply and demand analysis on staffing and skill needs and designs talent acquisition strategies to meet those needs。对于人员和技能需求,给予持续的提供及要求分析,设计人才获取战略以满足需求。

•Support talent acquisition; facilitates the process from candidate selection to successful on-boarding支持人事变动的顺畅进行,推动从候选人甄选到成功入职的整个流程,包括员工入离职的备案及员工的岗位变动

•Partners with Payroll; HRIS; and Compensation and Benefits functions as needed to provide solutions to stakeholders.

•薪酬工作和HRIS 系统的合作者 ,如有需要,在薪酬福利职能工作方面向相关人员提供支持 •Assist the annual budgeting and manpower planning for their respective verticals. 负责协助进行年度预算与人力规划

•Build morale, improve workplace relationships, and boost productivity and retention. 激发士气,改善工作场所的人员关系,提升生产力及人才的保留。

•Analyze data trends and metrics to inform business decisions •Responsible for driving the Performance Management Process and ensuring compliance 分析数据趋势及衡量指标以支持业务决策

•Ensure regulatory compliance with legal requirements pertinent to the day-to-day management of employees; collaborate with the legal department when necessary 确保日常管理与相关法律法规的一致性,如有必要,与法务部门协作。


• Bachelor degree or above with major of HR Management or Business Management

• Good communication and coordination skills

• Influence others

• Data driven and sensitivity

• Fluent English communication to meet job requirements


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