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In 2021, Centrient Pharmaceuticals acquired Astral SteriTech, strengthening our position as the global business-to-business industry leader in beta-lactam antibiotics. The acquisition marked an important milestone on our journey to becoming the leading partner for generics marketers worldwide.

Astral Pharmaceutical Industries, a leading international manufacturer specialising in sterile antibiotic injectable finished dosage forms, was founded in 1991. Having started out as a manufacturer of Sterile Amoxicillin Sodium, Astral soon made its name as a state-of-the-art producer dedicated to injectable formulations for a wide range of Cephalosporin and Penicillin products. In September 2012, the company was renamed Astral SteriTech to reflect its core competences: sterile manufacturing driven by advanced technological capabilities.

Astral’s manufacturing site is one of a small number of US FDA-approved facilities in this product segment, and serves customers in the highly regulated US market as well as other international markets. As a contract development and management organisation, Astral supports partners at all stages of the product development cycle, with a focus on quality, technological excellence and proactive solutions.

By acquiring Astral’s product portfolio, Centrient has diversified its offering within the attractive – and growing – niche of sterile injectable antibiotics. In this way, we can further meet the needs of our customers in Semi-Synthetic Cephalosporin and Semi-Synthetic Penicillin finished dosage forms and become the preferred commercial partner in these segments.

Our sterile Injectables portfolio

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Expanding our portfolio with high-quality sterile injectable antibiotic finished dosage forms

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