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Purpose of the Role:

Base on the site objective, implement the process management work of DSP. Achieve the output, yield and quality target.

Key Role and Responsibilities:

•Daily DSP process management for target area 日常生产工艺管理

•Investigating and troubleshooting process related problems 调查并解决工艺问题

• Monthly Performance analysis report-Yield, OEE report 完成月度工艺评估报告-收率报告,全面设备效率报告

• Coordinate with external expert about Process Optimization 协调外部专家进行工艺优化项目

• Propose and implement process improvement plan 提出并实施工艺改进方案

• Complete CI related work 完成持续改进相关项目工作

• Draft and update Work Instruction(WI) 起草和更新工作指导书


• Bachelor and above

• Chemical and Pharma related background

• Proficient English in Listening and Speaking

•Think independently

•Clear logistic thinking, good expression ability

•Continuous learning and Improvement


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