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Osvaldo Garcia, Assistant Group Controller and Finance for Growth Project Director

The part I appreciate most about working with Centrient is the people and the knowledge they share. Read more

Valerio diCaprio - Chief Strategy and Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Officer

One of the many beautiful things about Centrient is that it fully empowers people. It gives them the opportunity to shine, and to really feel the responsibility to make things happen and succeed. Read more

Eva Moyes-Prellezo-FDF全球业务经理 Eva Moyes-Prellezo -  Global Business Manager, FDF


自从在职业生涯的较早阶段加入Centrient Pharmaceuticals以来,我一直得到经理和同事的全力支持,以培养我的技能和才能,这使我成为了今天的专业人士。我很荣幸能够代表Centrient参加One Young World,并希望在未来的几年中与该组织进一步发展。

Since joining Centrient Pharmaceuticals at a relatively early stage in my career, I have always received the full support of my managers and colleagues in developing my skills and talents, which has allowed me to become the professional and person I am today. I was proud to represent Centrient at One Young World, and look forward to growing further with the organisation in the years to come. 

Maria Duran – MLA研发经理 Maria Duran – R&D Manager, MLA



As part of the Centrient team, I have the opportunity to work on innovative, challenging projects, like exploring new technologies for improving our manufacturing processes. It’s great to always be learning and growing professionally. But most of all, I am proud to be part of a pharmaceutical company that cares deeply about sustainability and doing good for people and planet.

Rohan Dheman –南亚高级法律顾问 Rohan Dheman – Senior Legal Counsel, South Asia


Joining Centrient has been a great move for my career – and especially for my professional development and growth. The work environment is extremely stimulating, and I love being part of an ambitious, performance-driven culture. Without doubt, this is a great place for high-achievers.

Alba Tiley –可持续抗生素计划全球总监 Alba Tiley – Global Director Sustainable Antibiotics Program



Doing meaningful work is important to me. Working at Centrient, I am involved in issues that really matter - issues that directly impact health and the environment. Through our Sustainable Antibiotics Program, I advocate for antibiotics to be made, bought and administered in a responsible way, so that they will continue to improve lives for generations to come.

杨兴勇–中国财务经理 Xing Yong Yang – Finance Manager, China

对我来说,Centrent Pharmaceuticals的“人性化”是我想在这里工作的关键原因。我公司以人为本;四处走动,您会看到人们真诚地倾听并互相尊重。而且,当然,我们所有的业务活动都是在高度重视适当流程和安全性的前提下进行的。

For me, the ‘human side’ of Centrient Pharmaceuticals was the key reason I wanted to work here. Our company is people-oriented; walking around, you see that people genuinely listen to and respect each other. And, of course, all of our business activities are undertaken with the highest levels of respect for proper process and safety.

Fernando Garza – MLA持续改进负责人 Fernando Garza – Continuous Improvement Leader, MLA



It’s exciting being part of a dynamic international organization full of different skillsets, aspirations and perspectives, but where people are united by the same core values. This is a company where everyone matters: we are treated as individuals and encouraged to step outside our comfort zone and reach our full potential.