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We understand that it is the people that make this company and business. We foster a culture of creative freedom and opportunities for individual growth, paired with a strong culture of accountability for performance. This is the foundation for our success!

At Centrient Pharmaceuticals,  great and diverse minds come together to understand and improve life. We are a leading global generics pharmaceutical company where unusual career paths are the norm. We believe that if you think you can do it, you probably can (and if you need any help, we're happy to).

Centrient Pharmaceuticals has a diverse workforce, with 2700 employees from around the globe who collectively work towards contributing to a healthy, sustainable and enjoyable way of life. At Centrient Pharmaceuticals we value human life and hence the quality, safety, and health of our employees are a top priority and a way of life.


What keeps employees at Centrient engaged?

Centrient provides a challenging and dynamic work environment. We offer our employees exciting careers and personal development opportunities, a healthy work-life balance and the possibility to work with an organization that is truly committed to creating a brighter future.


Make a difference

We believe in creating and nurturing ideas that make a difference. Consequently we offer our employees an inspiring work environment and a culture of accountability. As a responsible organization that understands its responsibility towards society, we actively participate in corporate social responsibility initiatives. We believe that everyone can make a difference.


Lifelong learning

We do expect a lot. Here at Centrient Pharmaceuticals we not only support but expect our employees to continuously work on their professional and personal development. We do this through our talent management initiatives, trainings and development opportunities. We also encourage international assignments to broaden the professional experience and foster personal development of our top performers.


Dream big

We are a strong and diverse team working with the aim to take the organization to new levels of success. We expect all our employees to think the same; think innovatively and dream big, while having the necessary skills and diligence to translate visions into reality.





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Internship Philosophy – The Future is yours!

At Centrient Pharmaceuticals we know the importance of fresh perspectives and new ideas. Internships are vital for us to bring in new perspectives and ideas and to meet our leaders of the future — and the majority of people who come and work with us end up joining our team full-time.


This is no rehearsal

Our internships are your chance to work in one of our teams on an actual project. We expect just as much from our interns as from any other employee. Should you have any questions during your internship your mentor will guide you and help you with any challenges you are facing. Your mentor will also be your main contact partner during your time with us.

We expect our interns to have a genuine interest in what we do and who we are. We produce products that help people and the world. We truly live sustainability and innovation in all business areas. We expect interns at Centrient Pharmaceuticals to do just that.


What we expect:


  • We recruit from all academic disciplines
  • We expect an excellent academic record
  • Fluency in English
  • Experience from at least one previous internship
  • An excellent academic record is important, but so are your achievements outside the classroom


Our internships last for a minimum of six months and depending on your qualifications and our needs you may get an opportunity to work at multiple locations. Owing to the nature of our internships and the high degree of mentoring and responsibility involved, openings are very limited and a strict selection process applies.


You can send your internship inquiries to Please make sure to include a full CV and cover letter explaining your motivation to work with Centrient, why you should become an intern here with us and how you plan to contribute.



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